End the Wait - Donation Candle
End the Wait - Donation Candle

End the Wait - Donation Candle

Laurel Rose Company
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End the Wait Donation Candle


My name is Randy Simpkins. I am a live kidney donor. While going through the process of being a donor I discovered there are over 100,000 people on the wait list, literally dying for a kidney. What’s worse, the average wait time for a donated kidney is longer than life expectancy while on the list. On average, 13 people die every day waiting. Since learning these facts I’ve become committed to help raise awareness of the need, and the ease, of donation. Recently, I have partnered with a team just as committed, and I believe we have a plan that will eliminate this wait and literally save 100,000 lives.
My story of how I found out the need of a kidney for a stranger, how we shouldn’t be a match but we were, is God-directed.
 In 2010, Lionsgate released a movie about how a community banded together to save my son, called The Way Home, starring Dean Cain. It is a true story about how God changed my life and showed me life’s true priorities: Family, Faith and Friends. I was amazed at the impact the film had on so many people who have shared with me, and online, how it inspired them.

That is why I believe in sharing this new story as a sequel to The Way Home, along with a nationwide PR campaign and theatrical release and use the proceeds – and the movie itself – as a nationwide awareness movement expressing the dire need and ease of donation with a goal of eliminating the waiting list forever. The name of the film and foundation is its very purpose: END THE WAIT.

I believe that God’s hand is on this project and I am grateful to the Laurel Rose Company for partnering with us to raise funds to change lives. As you light your candle, lift a prayer for the 37 Million people in our country suffering from chronic kidney disease and help us End The Wait.


Fragrance notes: peach, bergamot, plum + vanilla 

Candle Information:
  • eight ounce jar— 227g. — 40+ hour
  • premium in house soy blend wax
  • phthalate free fragrance
  • 100% cotton wicks
  • eco friendly, sustainable product
  • hand poured in Carrollton, Georgia