Fragrance Menu

Laurel Rose Co. uses the safest fragrances for you. All of our fragrances are non-toxic and blended with care.


Amethyst: lavender, rosemary + sage, warm earthy notes balances with a comforting sweet floral accent

Apple Pie: apple, cinnamon + vanilla bean

Atlas: a romantic blend of spicy musk, bergamot + citrus

Autumn: pomegranate, vanilla + berries

Beach House: watching the crashing Gulf waves from your balcony

sea salt, jasmine + citrus

Birch: spicy pepper, masculine + musk

Black Tie: seductive and bold spicy red saffron + deep redwood

Blondies: vanilla, cream + butterscotch brownies

Blossom: white flower blooms with sun kissed coconut

Blueberry Cobbler: hot blueberry cobbler fresh from the oven

Cape San Blas: salty waves washing shells ashore as you walk the cape; eucalyptus, sandalwood + amber

Cashmere: cedarwood, rose + vanilla

Chai Tea: notes of black tea, cinnamon, clove + sweet vanilla

Christmas Cookies: cookies for Santa; cinnamon, nutmeg + vanilla

Cinnamon Rolls: fresh baked cinnamon rolls; cinnamon, vanilla + butter

Coastal Georgia: sandy beaches, salty air + Georgia peaches

Coconut Woods: a unique blend of rare island woods; coconut, sandalwood + vanilla

Coral Reef: grapefruit, lemon peel, goji berry + tropical palms 

Cotton Stem: light airy cotton with warm amber

Country Road: fresh country air + roadside blooms

Cozy: juniper, berries, cedar + sage

Cranberry Halo: zesty mandarin oranges, cranberries + plum

Dolly: apple peel, sweet greens, plum + coconut

Eclipse: patchouli, orchid + sandalwood

Espresso: roasted espresso beans + cream

Flannel: bergamot, smoke + mahogany

Fresh Strawberries: the sweet smell of ripe, juicy strawberries sprinkled with sugar

Frosted Berries: blackberry, balsam + vetiver

Gather: a rich Autumn blend of apples, wild berries, cinnamon + cloves

Georgia Peach:  juicy Georgia peaches fresh from the farm

Gingerbread Chai: ginger, clove + vanilla

Golden Hour: coconut, sandalwood + tonka

Grace: a graceful blend of jasmine, lavender + musk

Gulf Breeze: tan skin, sandy toes watchin' the Summer sun set in the salty air with crashing Gulf waves

Gypsy: wild, free-spirited soul with notes of patchouli, citrus + light clove

Harvest: cinnamon, clove + pomegranate

Havana: tobacco leaf, vanilla + oak

Holly Mule:  juniper, cranberry, balsam + cypress

Home Sweet Home: rich cinnamon + cloves followed by warm vanilla to welcome you home

Hometown: sweet memories of your hometown; patchouli, vanilla + musk

Hummingbird: zesty orange, juicy cranberry + plum

Johnny: oak, geranium, cedar + sandalwood 

June: sandalwood, rose + freesia 

Laurel Rose ~ Signature Scent: ripe citrus; lemongrass, lime + oranges with notes of sweet vanilla + tonka

Lavender Fields: eucalyptus, fresh lavender, oak moss + cedar

Leaves: Autumn spices with sunburned leaves; cedar leaf + spiced fruit

Lemon Pound Cake: a warm lemon pound cake drizzled with sweet icing + zest

Lemon Sage: fresh citrus, lemon verbena, sage + musk  

Lilac Rose: agave, amber, cherry, marine + musk 

McLeod Family Farm Sunflower: sunflower blooms + musk

Merry + Bright: orange peel, ginger + clove

Northern Lights: black currant, berries + mint

O' Christmas Tree: fir, pine + spruce Christmas Trees

On the Rocks: a stiff glass of bourbon on the rocks; apples, cinnamon + bourbon

Opal Beach: crystal white sands, golden sun, salty air, his cologne + my bouquet

Palo Santo: soothing pine, mint + lemon

Pampas and Palms: sea salt, citrus, palm leaves + coconut 

Peach Tea: juicy Georgia peaches mixed with a fresh brewed glass of sweet tea

Pearls and Lace: amber, citrus, lily + sweet cotton

Peppermint Mocha: peppermint, coffee + mocha

Potion #9: flirty, luscious passion fruit, pink peony + orchids 

Pumpkin Apple: apple, cinnamon + pumpkin

Pumpkin Chai Latte: pumpkin, black tea, clove + roasted coffee beans

Pumpkin Pecan: two Southern favorites; candied pecans + pumpkin

Rip: bergamot, saffron, leather + Montana pines

Rose Quartz: calming sea salt + soft floral blooms

Rosemary: fresh herbs, citrus + mint

Salted Caramel Latte: coffee bean, caramel + vanilla

Santa Baby: berries, sweet apples + crisp pine needles

Sassy: vanilla, jasmine + coconut  

Sea Glass: walking the shore collecting sea glass; citrus, sage + sea salt

Serenity: the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled; lavender, lemon + mint

Smells Like I Baked: fresh out of the oven; banana, nutmeg + vanilla

Southern Fig: rich brown sugar covered figs

Strawberry Pound Cake: warm strawberry pound cake drizzled with sweet sugar icing

Sunday Brunch: peach, vanilla + spice

Sweet Georgia Pine: pine mixed with sugar plum + berries

Sweet Tea: a southern staple in every home, enjoyed while front porch sittin' + sharing town gossip 

Sweet Tea with Lemon: a southern staple in every home with lemon, enjoyed while front porch sittin' + sharing town gossip

Tobacco Leaves: tobacco leaves, cedar + citrus

Tree Farm: fresh cut pine, cypress + sandalwood

Twilight Plum: a lovely twilight night with deepening notes of; amber, musk + plum

Vintage Blue: date night; cool + sexy

Volcano: tropical foliage, pineapple, goji berry + mango

White Pumpkin: warm pumpkin spice with creamy rich vanilla

Zen: bergamot, lavender + sandalwood