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The Candle Bar

Candle Care

We want each of you to achieve the cleanest & safest burn when burning our candles. To do so follow our candle care tips!

Laurel Rose Co. only uses eco-friendly, sustainable ingredients

- the cleanest fragrance oils

- our house blend of wax

- 100% cotton wicks



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The Ember

♻️ Refillable vessel ♻️


Our Story

Our story is about family. Three generations of strong women, working together to create safe, non-toxic products for the Laurel Rose Co. community. Candle making isn’t new to us. It all started with my Mom Kathy, back in the late 80s. She and her dear friend started making candles together as a hobby - in a camper. The knowledge was passed down to me and then my daughter, Karlee. Three women, three generations and over 25 years of candle making experience.

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In the midst of all of this craziness, I wanted to take a minute to brag on this small business. I couldn’t recommend Laurel Rose Company’s candles enough! Their scents last to the very last drop! My favorites are McLeod Family Farms Sunflower scent and Peppermint Kisses scent at Christmas time. Not to mention, their adorable new storefront & candle bar! I plan to visit often. Thanks for being such a heartfelt business in our community, Laurel Rose!


This Company is outstanding!From their customer service to products I cannot recommend them enough. Please do not hesitate to order!


I am so happy that this candle shop has opened! I wish I could give Laurel Rose Company 5 million stars because they are amazing. I just picked up Sweet Georgia Pine, Peach Tea, and Strawberry Poundcake, and just from opening the bag I am already in love with these candles. My family and I will definitely be visiting often! The best customer service, and extremely helpful. Thank you for the experience Laurel Rose!



The Studio + Candle Bar

306 A1 Rome Street

Carrollton, GA  30117

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